Solarflies-Butterfly Stake Lights (G008)


Set the perfect evening tone in your garden

Without proper lighting, even the most colorful garden looks gloomy at night! Solarflies can help your garden brighten up in a magical way that will never cease to shine!

In the day they will charm you with their beautiful aesthetics, at night you’ll see them sparkle with dazzling colors. Powered by the sun, their vividness has no expiration date!

You can stake them to the ground and enjoy their magical company every time you are out. Their sturdy design will guarantee your garden will look perfect every evening throughout the year!

Why Solarflies are for you 

Brighten up the night-Set a lovely scene within your garden, just put them in the ground and their solar batteries will do the rest!

Enchant your garden- Each time you look through the window you’ll see an enchanting atmosphere filled with vivid colors!

Magical company- Bring some much-needed life to your gloomy garden, stake Solarflies anywhere you wish to set an atmosphere filled with magic!

Solarflies are the ultimate choice- Make the nightly scene more magical than ever with the prettiest outdoor night decor you’ll find!