Cut’n’Cook-Stainless Steel Food Drainer (G004)


The only basin your kitchen needs

Cut’n’Cook makes half the tools in the kitchen obsolete! With it, you can easily chop, slice, wash and cook your meals without needing help from any other dish in the kitchen!

The various slicers can help you with every recipe and the drainable bottom is great for washing and draining! When the food is all prepped up, put it in the basin and start cooking!

You can say goodbye to the half a dozen tools that were cluttering your cupboards and replace them with something more compact, functional and effortless to work with!

Why Cut’n’Cook is for you

Your all-in-one cooking station-Prep your meal all in one place, cut, wash and cook your favorite meals in just one compact basket!

Free up your kitchen- Whatever you need to make your meal Cut’n’Cook has got it, one set replaces all the cutters, basins and drain baskets around!

Effortless preparations-Instead of rummaging through the cupboards you can have all you need to make your dish from scratch right on the counter!

Cut’n’Cook is the ultimate choice- One compact kitchen set can fulfill all your cutting, washing and cooking needs without cluttering your kitchen!