LeeSling-Leather Sling Bag (G005)


The handbag every man needs

When vintage fashion and modern comfort mix they create the best men’s accessories! LeeSling is the gentleman's way of staying accommodated and comfortable!

LeeSling’s clean retro look goes well with any outfit. It’s spacious on the inside without looking bulky to give you traveling convenience and enough room for all your essentials!

Made from handcrafted leather, LeeSling is as durable as your grandpa’s timeless satchel! You’ll find style, sturdiness and supreme comfort when traveling with the gentleman’s go-to handbag.

Why LeeSling is for you

Upgrade your elegance- Styling the retro look but with the comforting innovations of the future, LeeSling gives you a timeless way to look more classy!

Stay prepared- Now you don’t have to leave your essentials at home, take on everything you need to feel accommodated and ready for the day!

Unburden your pockets- Walking with full pockets is never comfortable, free your pants from the heaviness to enjoy more convenience when going out!

LeeSling is the ultimate choice- Fusing function and fashion together, LeeSling is the perfect everyday handbag for men who want to stay prepared!