Manthick-Beard Growth Kit (G006)


Grow the beard you deserve to have

Have you tried growing a beard only to be disappointed by the lack of results? Manthick is a beard growth kit that guarantees your next try will be more fruitful, thick and manlier than before!

The beard roller and growth serum work in tandem to activate your skin’s potential of producing a thick full beard. The other tools provide you with an easy way to groom and maintain your hygiene!

You can stop trying and start having the beard you wish for, Manthick gives you everything you need to begin your journey of growing a real beard and maintaining its freshness!

Why Manthick is for you

Activate your manliness- Growing a thick beard is not all about genes, Manthick activates your skin’s potential of producing real, thick hairs!

Groom like a gentleman-  Grooming is essential to keeping a fine beard, Manthick’s arsenal gives you all you need to take care of its needs!

Boost your masculinity- Having a full beard is not only satisfying, it’s a masculine trait that makes you stand out in a powerful way!

Manthick is the ultimate choice- Give yourself the beard look every man wants and keep its freshness with our all-in-one beard kit!